Its not my digital camera

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期待 未知的影像


背 光 影



Lunar New Year

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2011. 2. 1
Lunar New Year market @2011

My secondary school 1st time having a store in Victoria Park.
Products is rabbit cap and toys.

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HSBC e banner

Shows on U magazine homepage.

The U magazine is a magazine about traveling and lifestyle, readers mostly young and love explore new things.

Beside HSBC, that banner is showing other banks too. It seems that magazine readers is similar to the target of bank.

The reason behind may be magazine could encourage reader to go shopping.

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NOW TV channel e banner

It shows on yahoo browser randomly.

NOW TV is a charges TV programs service, NOW always organize concerts and provide Soccer match channel.

In the e banner, they includes those USP, which is singers and football commentator.

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Ocean Park e banner

on My

Ocean Park targeting a great amount of local people, TVB is a channel for local people. Therefore, the one will watch tv programs on mytv is exactly the target of Ocean Park.

The e banner chose a light background colour to be much eye-catching in a black background website.

UA Finance

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UA Finance

Headline: 你既好拍檔
USP: UA財務 借貸批核快且簡單

Headline可以令TA覺得UA能隨時隨地幫到你解決現金週轉的問題, 在財務困難時刻與你一同渡過.

Tetra Pak

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Tetra Pak

Headline: Without recycling, garbage remains garbage.
Tetra Pak所生產的包裝紙係使用循環再造紙, 所出產的包裝紙亦可循環再造.
所以Headline說出了此公司的USP, 產品及生產原料皆需要可循環再造的才能減少堆填區的壓力, 減少垃圾.